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Rosso Corsa

Aficionado French Connection is proud to present you Rosso Corsa a prestigious strain with a unique profile
makes it a perfect competitor as well as a unique gene pool for all breeders and Growers
The Original F1 selection of Rosso Corsa was originally leaked to the famous BackYard BCN in Barcelona,
arguably the most preeminent French-owned clubs in Europe. It was with Backyard we discovered the Rosso
Corsa’s otherworldly terp and resin profiles.
Similar to her sister “Cherry Noir” The Rosso Corsa is a straight cross of our Cherry Noir #18 Mother and out
Testarossa Male.
Rosso Corsa the queen of the Cherry Pie family !
Rosso Corsa produces flowers with an intense dark red colour that contrasts nicely with the deep green colour
of the leaves. It produces quite a distinctive and particular type of resin, extremely oily when touched, which
contains a large amount of cannabinoids and an impressive concentration of volatile terpenes. This is a perfect
variety for extractions using fresh material such as Live Resin or Fresh Frozen bubble hash.
Her stalks are greasy in veg and her stretch is medium. It’s crucial for cherry cultivars to keep well hydrated in
late flower to avoid early resin maturation which is an indicative characteristic of Cherry Pie crosses.
The harvest is ready after about 9 weeks of flowering. It will delight lovers of extraction with fresh materials,
offering powerful and fruity aromas. During the drying process, we recommend using an activated carbon filter
or a ozone system to avoid the potent aroma being noticed by the whole neighbourhood.
Outdoor harvests and timed around late September to early October
This Indica dominant genetics offer a physical relaxation effect, ideal for all Indica true lovers looking for
something unique and high grade.
Rosso Corsa is the perfect representation of the Cannabis Boutique.

12 Regular cannabis seeds
(Cherry Lime #4 x Chemdawg Special Reserve) x (Zkittlez x Long Valley Reserve BX1)
Indica dominant hybrid
8-9 weeks
(Outdoor) End of September – early October