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Formula One F2

This unique Strain is born from the collaboration between Leo Stone and ProfessorQ . Formula One was
designed and bred under the natural light of the Emerald Triangle sun in order to develop its rusticity and reach
its utmost gene expression.
Originally from California and now available in Europe. This strain comes from two giant of the Cannabis World:
the Black Lime Reserve and Zkittles.
This strain is the perfect oldschool/Newschool mix between two genetic lines that have marked the American
market because of their flavours, aromas, resin and psychedelic power. In the Emerald triangle every farm
keeps preciously his Black Lime Reserve Cut
Formula One Gaz , Lime and trichomes on the menu !
The cross obtained is an Indica dominant plant with an easily managed growth structure, the black lime gives
ample stretch to notoriously stout frame the development of the branches can be controlled using methods
such as topping .
Indoors, the harvest is ready after about 55 to 60 days of flowering, with an abundant yield of compact, rocky,
voluptuous and very resinous buds. Outdoors, the harvest takes place from late September to early October.
Outdoor production may vary according to the plant size and the growing conditions, but you can expect
rusticity, vivacity and large plants and high yields that will stock your cannabis larder with the best buds, cover
by trichomes, for the most exquisite palates.
The organoleptic characteristics of Formula One F2 stand out for a powerful terpene profile, a mixture
of petrol and turpentine with anise peppermint and touches of lime that make and exceptional bouquet
The bud and trichome structure makes of this strain One of the top 3 favorite choice for Frenchy Cannoli Hash .
You can expect a large return of the best quality from this strain.

12 Regular cannabis seeds
Black Lime Reserve x (Zkittlez x Long Valley Reserve BX1)
7-8 weeks
(Outdoor) End of September – Beginning of October
High yield
High THC

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