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Pineapple Sorbet

This Unique Strain is born from the collaboration between Leo Stone and .ProfessorQ. Pine Apple Sorbet was
designed and outdoor produce under the natural light of the Emerald Triangle sun for the best genes
expression and rusticity
Pineapple Sorbet by Aficionado French Connection is Sativa dominant hybride Created by pairing the Rose
Especial ( Zkittlez x Long Valley Royal Kush) and the 5x Emerald Cup winning In The Pines clone (Pineapple Thai
x Master Kush) in 2016 she offers thicker more indica-like flowers while carrying the same intense rotten
pineapples and floral-gas nose.
Pine Apple Sorbet combines both of the sativa and indica advantages the result is a perfect balanced strain!
Now available in Limited edition by 12 regular cannabis seeds / pack..
The cup winner strain Pine Apple Sorbet is the perfect expression of an heirloom bringing back crossing with
one of the last Aficionado success: Rose Especial. Described as the perfect marriage of gasoline essence and
rotten pineapples, she’s uplifted by an acrid balance of guava puree, paint thinner and lavender blossoms.
This Sativa dominant hybrid grows vigorously, bushy and well branched. It is recommended to prune or pinch
out the apical tip early in the growing period to encourage even stronger development and delivering a more
abundant harvest. The SCROG method is recommended for control the pronounced stretch of this plant.
Pine Apple Sorbet is well adapted to outdoors cultivation where it can reach a large size, Trellis support is
recommended due to the pineapple tendencies shown in the cultivar.
Pine Apple Sorbet is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a short flowering time. Harvest is 65-70 days indoors, with a
big yield of compact, resin-coated flowers (oily-to-the-touch)
Very resistant and perfectly adapted for outdoor conditions the maximum harvest window will be an end of
September harvest window.
Pineapple Sorbet have a clear and stimulating sativa effect, follow by a mild physical relaxation, ideal for the
day as for a night.
From the heirloom Pineapple tendencies some phenotypes have a CBD/THC 1:2 ratio.

12 Regular cannabis seeds
(Heirloom Pineapple Thai x In The Pines F3) x (Zkittlez x Magnum Opus F11)
Sativa dominant hybrid
8-9 weeks
(Outdoor) End of September
Medium (THC:CBD ratio 2:1)