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Sorbet à l’orange

Sorbet à L’Orange by Aficionado French Connection is Sativa dominant strain characterized by a fast and high
yield with an intense tropical aroma. Now available in Limited edition by 12 regular cannabis seeds / pack.
This Unique Strain is born from the collaboration between Leo Stone and ProfessorQ
Sorbet à l’Orange was designed and outdoor produce under the natural light of the Emerald Triangle sun for
the best genes expression and rusticity.
This Sativa hybride come from a cross between two high terpènes profile strain
(Forbidden fruit x In The Pine) x (Cherry Noir #18 x Sorbetto)
Sorbet à l’Orange a tasty result perfectly balanced between a Sativa Mom and an heavy Indica Male
The result is an vigourous Plant with an Unexpected bouquets of intense Melon, pine Apple and citrus are
bound to a vivid frame of dark cherries and orange marmalade.
Greasy stalks and sativa like stretch (x2) exhibits dense flowers with a pronounced purplish sheen. Aggressive
vigor is to be expected. The plants are tall having strong branches with a lot of ramifications. She’s an earlier
finishing sativa (with a flowering period closer to the Indica varieties) with exotic tropical fruit tones blended
with dark cherry wine and fresh muscat grapes.
It gives high yields of hard and resinous buds that acquire from purple colours to black for 70% of the phenos.
Harvest window for indoors is 60-63 days and outdoor harvests and timed around late September to early
This high yields Strain combining real fruity flavour is the best choice for all sweeties lovers looking for
greatness in their cultivars .

12 Regular cannabis seeds
Sangria x (Cherry Noir #18 x Sorbetto)
Sativa dominant hybrid
8-9 weeks
(Outdoor) End of September – early October
High yield
High THC