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Fruit Flambé

Fruit Flambé by Aficionado French Connection is Indica dominant strain characterized by a strong plant with a fast and high yield accompanied by an intense aroma bouquet of candy, lavender and grape.
The fruit Flambé is the culmination of 4 powerful strains. The mother is a Purple Punch selection made in Northern California and the male is a cross of the Forbidden Fruit, Zkittlez, & Magnum Opus created in 2016 by Leo Stone & Professor Q.
Fruit Flambé was designed and outdoor produce under the natural light of the Emerald Triangle sun for the best genes expression and rusticity.
This Indica dominant hybrid is very easy to manage, resistant, vigorous and branchy this strain will give you short internode perfect for indoor as well for outdoor where it can become a large size plant when it has a good soil preparation.
Fruit Flambé harvest is ready after about 56 to 63 days of flowering in indoor, with an abundant yield (more of 600 gr/m2). For outdoor the harvest window will be early October with a yield of minimum 900 gr by plants.
Fruit Flambé this plant as beautiful to see as to smell.

Fruit Flambé flowering is a visual and olfactory spectacle, displaying a range of purple colours from the clear purple to the dark purple/black. You can expect a lot of purple phenotypes with hard, dense and totally resin-coated buds. The resin yield of this strain is high and the large size of the trichomes makes her a suitable strain for all kind of extraction methods.
Expect dense powdered flowers with purpling tendencies. The nose is a vivid sheen of lavender and grape woven into a tapestry of hard candy, marshmallows, and white lilac.

12 Regular cannabis seeds
Purple Punch x [Forbidden Fruit x (Zkittlez x Magnum Opus #18)]
Indica dominant
8-9 weeks
Early October
High yield
High THC

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