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After years of research and work, Aficionado French Connection is proud to
present you this unique variety, the results of work based on a rare and prized genetic heirloom,
here is the Amarok !
In Inuit mythology, Amarok is the name given to the great spirit of the sacred wolf;
he watches over the good health of the herds but he will devour the reckless hunter who would risk going out alone at night.
Both feared and respected, this unique strain with formidable effects, stemming from
finest selections of genetic heirloom !
Its name was given to it in reference to the original Matanuska thunder Fuck IBL which served as
starting point for the design of the Amarok. MTF IBL is a legendary lineage originating
from Matanuska valley in Alaska kept pure since 1974 (you could write a book about
this legendary genetic heirloom).
Amarok is clearly an Indica dominant hybrid suitable for all types of crops
exterior and interior. The subjects are vigorous with average internoeudale distance . Outdoors, it will take a bushy habit.
Easy to grow, it will reward you with a superior quality harvest. Flowers
are compact and covered with trichomes loaded with terpenes, a treat for smokers
as for extractors !
It will only take 8 weeks indoors to flower. Outdoors, it will be ready beginning of
Amarock a heavy indica with rare terpenes
Its effect is heavy and powerful with a relaxing body effect and anti stress. She is
perfect at the end of the day or for medicinal use (particularly effective for
back problems).
Each puff will entrance you with a bouquet of rare petroleum terpenes, solvents, dark chocolate
and lemon zest … A real delight for all Aficionados palates !

12 Regular seeds ( 10 + 2 Free )
( 74’ Matanuska IBL x Afghan Heirloom ) x Vetrus OG F4
Indica dominant hybrid
Petrol / Solvan / Dark Chocolate / Nettoyant Citron
8- weeks
500-600 g per m2 / > 900g per plant