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La Marquise

Aficionado French Connection invites you to discover La Marquise, genetics that are out of the
ordinary made from 3 rewarded varieties!
The Marquise is a cannabis plant of American origin in a Regular format
from California. It is a cross made from some of the most popular strains on the American market
for their flavours , their resin production and their psychedelic potential
the Black Lime Reserve, cherry headband and Pine Apple Sorbet.
This cross gives plants with balanced indica / sativa hybrids with medium stretch
branching well and responding well to the technique of topping, main-lining.
Indoors, la marquise does not require more than 65 days of flowering to reach
maturity, offering a heavy production of compact, voluptuous and very
resinous buds.
In outdoor cultivation, you can harvest it from the end of September to the beginning of October.
Its outdoor production can vary depending on the size of the plant and the growing conditions,
but you can generally expect heavy production,
to replenish your cannabis
supplies with a tasty pearl.
La marquise is a mixture of terpenes straight from the Emerald triangle
Its organoleptic characteristics are composed of a large amount of terpenes,
giving a combination of fruit pie, guava and turpentine with hints of
lavender and lime giving it an exceptional bouquet.
An ideal plant for all enthusiasts, whether for extractions of
resin with a unique terpene profile, or simply to taste in the form of flowers
whether with a vaporiser or by combustion.

12 Regular seeds ( 10 + 2 Free )
Black Lime Reserve x Cherry Headband x Pine Apple Sorbet F4
Agrume / Tarte de fruit rouge / Goyave / Peinture / Lavande
8-9 weeks
500-600 g per m2 / > 900g per plant