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Rosso Corsa Feminized

This incredible genetic line is now available in Feminised seed form!
Rosso Corsa, for buds with an intense terpene profile
The Aficionado French Connection team initially discovered the original F1 selection of Rosso Corsa
through the BackYard cannabis club in Barcelona. This French-owned club is one of the most renowned
in Europe. Rosso Corsa, like its sibling “Cherry Noir”, is a cross between Cherry Noir #18 and a
Testarossa male.
This hybrid develops vigorously and rapidly, with a relatively long stretch period that can last several
weeks at the onset of flowering. Novice growers, in particular, should be careful not to be caught out by
this vigour and the risk of plants outgrowing the indoor garden. A good way of controlling plant size is to
use a smaller cultivation pot.
Rosso Corsa produces flowers with an intense dark red colour that contrasts nicely with the deep green
colour of the leaves. It produces quite a distinctive and particular type of resin, extremely oily when
touched, which contains a large amount of cannabinoids and an impressive concentration of volatile
terpenes. This is a perfect variety for extractions using fresh material such as Live Resin or Fresh Frozen
bubble hash.
It is necessary to keep the plants well watered during the last weeks of flowering to avoid early resin
maturation. This is a common feature observed in all varieties with Cherry Pie genetics.
Rosso Corsa, flavours and relaxation
The harvest is ready after about 9 weeks of flowering. It will delight lovers of extraction with fresh
materials, offering powerful and fruity aromas. During the drying process, we recommend using an
activated carbon filter to avoid the potent aroma being noticed by the whole neighbourhood.
Its Indica dominant genetics offer a physical relaxation effect, ideal for disconnecting after a busy
workday. It also produces certain cerebral euphoria, perfect for spending time with friends.

12 Regular seeds ( 10 + 2 Free )
(Cherry Lime #4 x Chemdawg Special Reserve) x (Zkittlez x Long Valley Reserve BX1)
Indica Dominant hybrid
Burn caramel / Red fruits / Wine / Z
8-9 weeks
Yiled High
THC High