Private Collection



Stiletto is an amazing strain !
Key Lime Pie x Pine Apple Sorbet F4


Anastasia is an amazing strain !
Fruit Flambé x Pineapple Sorbet F4

Thumper Kush

Thumper Kush is an amazing strain !
G.M.O X Vetrus OG

Sorbet à l’orange

Sorbet à l’Orange is a tasty result perfectly balanced between a Sativa Mother and a heavy Indica Male
Sangria x (Cherry Noir #18 x Sorbetto)

Fruit Tartare

Fruit Tartare

The Flowers are as beautiful as they are delicious, will be enjoyed by all sativa lovers !
(Forbidden Fruit x In The Pines) x [Forbidden Fruit x (Zkittlez x Magnum Opus #18)]